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Classic European security door room door lock stainless steel precision solid door handle 
Category: Door handle
Model: Casting Handle
Origin: Jiangmen China
Description: This stainless steel solid door handle is actually an improved version of the SCH106 stainless steel casting handle.
MOQ: 100pcs
Production Cycle: 30-45DAYS
Monthly Sales: 500

China stainless steel solid casting lever door handle manufacturing supplier SCH039.jpg

▂▃▅▆▇Default Option▇▆▅▃▂
●Modle:Casting Door Handle
●Customizable type:☑Casting☑Solid
●Description:This stainless steel solid door handle is actually an improved version of the SCH106 stainless steel casting handle. It is to "slim down" the middle, then pull the tail wider and longer to form a new look. The effect of this kind of work is to give people a good vision, but it is heavier than the SCH106 stainless steel precision cast door handle. On the other hand, it can not transform the stamping style, so it will "fall out of favor" in a short time. At present, this stainless steel solid door handle is only used in certain projects, while other projects disappear in the public eye.

●Type:Door & Window Handles
●Door thickness:35mm-55mm or special request
●Suit for:Wood door, metal door, interior door, exterior door
●Supply Ability:100,000 Pairs/Month   Door Tube Handles
●Delivery Time:Shipped in 25-55 days after payment


▶▶▶Product Details◀◀◀
●Material:Steel☐316/☑304/☐201   ☐Zinc    ☐Aluminum   ☐Copper    ☐Iron
●Handle Sizes:∮19*135*60mmCan be processed as required
●Default Type:☑Solid If you need a hollow door handle, please indicate in the inquiry
●Rose Sizes:∮53*10mm
Can be processed as required
●Inner Base:6 Hexagonal Holes   Steel   Iron   /   ☐ Plastic
●Insert:☐Steel ☑Copper ☐Iron ☐Aluminum
●Surface Color:☐Pvd Gold   ☐Pvd Rose☐Pvd Bronze☐Pvd Black
☐LackerBlack   ☐AB / ☐AC☐ORB☐Customized
●Accessories:☑A pair of keyholes;
☑1pcs ■8*8*110mm Spindle,Suitable for 80% door thickness
☑2pcs M6*6mm Fixing Screw ;
☑2pcs M4*65mm Go Throught Screws;
☑8pcs M4*20mm screw with a sharp point;
☑1pcs M3 Hex Key;
●Packaging:Clean poly bags+white/color box+export carton+pallet
☑1 set in a white box, 20 sets in a carton
☐2 set in a white box, 40 sets in a carton
☐1 set in a white color box, 20 sets in a carton
Delivery Port:☐ Jiangmen /   ☐Guangzhou /   ☐Shenzhen / ☐Other

●We will adjust the unit price according to different options,thank you.

●If you confirm the order, please check if your options are correct.

▶▶▶Special Requirements◀◀◀
✿EN1906☐1Grade   ☐2Grade   ☐3Grade   ☐4Grade ☐Fire-Proof
✿Salt spray Test:☐Neutral   ☐Acidic   ☐Alkaline
✿Testing time        (hour):☐24h   ☐48h   ☐72h   ☐96h   ☐128h   ☐240h   ☐480h
✿Certificate:☐UL   ☐CE ☐Other

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